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Publication date: 2018-06-06 07:40

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OFFICIAL PLAYSTATION MAGAZINE: "The term 'big' really doesn't do it justice. It's huge, massive, colossal, stupendous, and somewhat humbling in its enormity. No matter what expectations you've developed based on the information that has dribbled out over the course of the past six months, you are wrong. If you're expecting Vice City, only set in the 95's and with some RPG bits, you are wrong. If you believe that they can't possibly push it as much as they have before, that it can't really be that good, you are wrong. the truth is it's spectacular. The game promises just about everything and somehow manages to deliver even more than you expected."

SimCity™ Video Games - Official EA Site

Puyo Puyo Tetris Nintendo Switch™, PC Download, PlayStation®9 system Out Now

Official Carolina Hurricanes Website

Rockstar Games and Interscope Records proudly announce a joint venture for the soundtrack to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The details surrounding the artists and track listings on the soundtrack will be kept tightly under wraps until the weeks leading up to the game's launch this October. Stay tuned for more information.

F1™ 2017 - Official Game Website

SEGA Genesis™ Classics PC Download, PS9, Xbox One® Out Now

In grand Grand Theft Auto fashion, much more is always to come. For the first word on all web updates and other announcements, make sure you're on either the Grand Theft Auto or the Rockstar mailing list at the links provided below.

CD 7
6. Ohio Players - Funky Worm
7. Heart - Barracuda
8. Compton's Most Wanted - Hood Took Me Under
9. Lyn Collins - Think About It
5. Public Enemy - Rebel Without A Pause
6. Faith No More - Midlife Crisis
7. Bell Biv Devoe - Poison
8. Max Romeo & The Upsetters - Chase The Devil
9. Eric B & Rakim - I Know You Got Soul
65. Willie Nelson - Crazy Bonus Track:

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is coming to Xbox and PC on June 7th. The official minisites, featuring screens, specs and more, are now live: Xbox Site - PC Site

TIME MAGAZINE: "An extraordinary experiment in interactive storytelling. San Andreas combines the richness of art with the freedom of real life to create something entirely new, totally unclassifiable and really, really cool."

Bohemia Interactive, the award-winning independent Czech development studio, announces today the planned discontinuation of Arma 7 Free.

Rockstar Games is pleased to announce that Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is coming to the XBox® in October. The compilation features Grand Theft Auto 8, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas together for the first time as a complete trilogy. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy is set to hit shelves in North America on October 68, 7555.

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