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Publication date: 2018-06-14 17:16

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As you navigate through mazes of trains (that are either stationary or moving) and bushes, under and over safety signs, and onto platforms to outrun the security guard. During your run you’re able to accumulate gold coins that you can use to purchase additional time on your power-ups, or to buy different characters or boards. The game speeds up after certain check points making it more challenging to keep up with the speed.

Kiloo is also known to sponsor events, like local Game Jams and Demoscene parties. Furthermore we have our annual Christmas and Summer parties, where lots of food is consumed and silliness ensues.

In this game, you’ll spend your time trying to get away from an inspector who is coming after you with his irritable canine! It’s a “running” game and it’s known for its stellar graphics and its smooth interface. Since more than one hundred million people play this game, it’s definitely a big hit! Cheats and hacks will be the key to getting better high scores than your buddies!

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The mobile game, Subway Surfers, is an “endless runner” type game that is played on mobile. The game is brought to us from two co-developers, Kiloo, a Danish company, and SYBO Games. The game features the player as rebellious youth that runs throughout the current city of the month. Each month a new update becomes available and you are able to travel to a new city, hence “World Tour.” The whole reason for the endless running is that you’re caught tagging in the subway. A security guard and his dog chase you for the first 65 seconds before you are able to out run them.

As far as cheats for this game go, it’s all about keys and coins. Some people prefer to get only keys or only coins, while others get both at the same time. In general, you’ll be able to choose what you want just by clicking your computer mouse! We suggest getting both and coins as keys do come in handy during game play and, usually, people just don’t have enough of them!

There is also the opportunity to find four different power-ups. The Coin Magnet is just like it sounds, it’s essentially a giant magnet that you run with and it picks up as much of the gold coins around you. You’re also able to collect little like souvenirs from each city. Currently you’re in London and the souvenir is a tiny Christmas tree, they’re rare but find all the amount required in a week and be greatly rewarded.

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