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Steam Workshop :: Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War

Publication date: 2018-06-10 05:16

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In this picture you see the turbine lower half attached to the axle and all the major parts assembled. The other half of the rotor will be attached with the valvular conduit held inside the rotor. the outer housing of the rotor is needed to hold the conduit centered and the rotor will be free to rotate around it. 

  In the second picture you can just see the other half of the rotor, you can also see the breaking tool i used to run the turbine during breaking in phase. I had to run the turbine with an electric motor to breaking the bearings. That small round piece fit into the assembled rotor and the motor shaft fit into the end. I was then able to  run the rotor and alternator for long periods at low speeds to break the system in.

Rockler Steam Bending Kit with Bentwood Carryall Plan

More boiler details! The whole condensate management part is left out and I'm here to help. I sell solar thermal vacuum tube water heaters on eBay. They're a dream fit for this project. Pre-heat the condensate with solar thermal and then use PV for your boiler. Talk to me baby!

Steam Download Stats - Welcome to Steam

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Unturned on Steam

Hi. First i would like to say your work is overwhelming and i am
especially impressed by your overboard approach. I am trying to build a
555MW steam generator for a small rural community. i have been searching
for a way to make it smaller and more efficient without killing anyone
of course. Your design seems to be the best approach however i can't
learn as much from just pictures as the pictures themselves are not as
detailed. Please do you have a more detailed how to video describing
some of the actual construction processes. i will be very grateful.

I wonder what would happen if someone merged this project and this one https:///id/Solar-OSE-Solar-concentrator-for-steam-generation/

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awesome instructable very good work, however the link at the bottom of your page is redirected to an Indian scammer page - your computer is infected with a virus etc.

And my last picture is a closer look at the control switch, and my pressure gauge. Here is a link to my website with a video of the steam system running click on the link, the steam video is at the bottom right of the page.

More to come keep watching for updates to this.


How are you coming along on this project? Do you have a working model and would you be willing to talk about your plans over the phone? I live in Michigan and am very interested in developing a home based boiler system for heating and producing power. I have been thinking of this for many years I am ready to invest to be able to produce on a production scale. Thanks Jason

In this drawing you see the new design of my labyrinth seal. This device is used to allow steam to flow in only one direction inside the rotor. these two pieces stack one on top of the other with the geometry facing each other. 

Steam enters at the center and flows to the outside into the jets. the pressure builds and only allows the steam to flow to the od of the part and out the venturies. 

This is my design I was inspired by an a similar invention by Tesla. His however had issues. I made some changes and improvements and what you see here is the first layout of my design.

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Steam Workshop :: Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War Download steam workshop item

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