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Publication date: 2018-04-20 10:52

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Get cute with Hansel and Gretel Village, where you are tasked with building the fabled storybook characters a mini gingerbread house. The best part? It's calorie-free! For more tiny fairy tales check out Bow Adventure, where you play the hero who must save Princess Yaya from Grizwald's evil clutches and destroy his minions on the way.

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For the athlete there are miniature sports, like Mini Ping Pong, where you control your paddle and play tiny table tennis, and Pitch N Golf, where you can try mini golf at home. Motor enthusiasts will enjoy Mini Carting, Mini Moto, and Mini Car Racer, all variants on the classic racing circuit game. Perform tricks with your Mini Dirt Bike &ndash when the bike is this small, the stunts need to be twice as big! Get really granular with Mini GP. In this mini game players race across a cluttered desk.

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Run, run as fast as you can! Run and jump as NeonMan. Run through blue objects, jump on green objects and avoid the red objects in this run and jump game.

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After some convincing, Zorbak agreed to host these crazy fun games on the EbilGames web site for everyone to enjoy. Click the Play Button to view the list of games.

Haven't you heard that the best things come in small packages? This collection of mini games is like a tiny car full of clowns: you will be surprised at how much fun is packed inside.

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But, if sports and cars aren't your speed, and a cluttered desk is too close to the reality you are trying to escape for a few minutes with these mini games, there are other options. Mental Training &ndash Visual Challenge provides a completely different take on miniature fun. Challenge a group called the Mentals and play their four mini games to prove your mental prowess and visual aptitude. Test your dexterity and your wits with 7559 Flash Olympics.

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Mini Golf - PrimaryGames - Play Free Online Games All mini games fnaf

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