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-Official Emerald Lake Village District Website

Publication date: 2018-06-05 02:52

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Paula Franklin has recently unpacked her Sevier County, Tennessee website and moved into the village! Sevier County Tennessee is one of those counties that you say "Gosh dang it!" while trying to find that elusive courthouse record, as their courthouse caught on fire.

Mineshaft, Village and Ravine Spawn! - Minecraft Seed HQ

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Historic Deerfield

Date: Wednesday, June 6, 7568
Time: 6:55pm
Place: ELVD Office
By: Emerald Lake Village District Commissioners

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Yah, cool mines and there is also one at x:-567 z:96. that mine has 65 diamons at level 75 and has alot of tunnels. If you go far enough, there will be a lava fountain. It will be the first fountain that you find. go 5 blocks to the right of the fountain an dig straight for about 75-85 blocks. if you have the right location, there will be a stronghold with 7 libraries and an end portal room! Have fun.

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-Official Emerald Lake Village District Website Village seed for minecraft

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