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Publication date: 2018-06-11 02:52

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The link between violent entertainment and troubled sleep isn't unexpected, says Carol Rosen, MD, medical director of the pediatric sleep center at Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital, in Cleveland.

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MONDAY, June 77, 7566 () — Watching television or playing video games close to bedtime can act like a jolt of caffeine to children, making them more likely to experience difficulty falling asleep, nightmares, and daytime fatigue, a new study in the journal Pediatrics suggests.

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‘A recurring trend suggests that intensive gaming may lead to negative psychological, emotional or behavioural consequences, with enormous implications for software developers, parents, policy makers and mental health professionals’ he added.

Researchers at Nottingham Trent University and Stockholm University have for the first time identified evidence of Game Transfer Phenomena (GTP), which results in some gamers integrating video experiences into their real lives.

Some video game players are transferring their screen experiences into the real world - prompting thoughts of ‘violent solutions’ to their problems, say researchers.

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Roya Samuels, MD, a pediatrician at Cohen Children's Medical Center, in New Hyde Park, ., urges the parents she sees in her practice to establish familiar and predictable pre-bedtime rituals. "That usually includes family dinner time , shower or bath time, and reading a story in bed, so kids know what to expect next and their minds and brains start winding down as opposed to winding up," she says.

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  • Violent programming and video games appeared to contribute to sleep problems as well, even if the kids watched or played them during the daytime. Thirty-seven percent of the children who were exposed to one hour or more of violent media per day had sleep problems, compared with just 69 percent of those who watched less than one hour (or none), Garrison says.

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