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Nintendo partners up for a money-printing mobile RPG

Publication date: 2018-04-22 20:28

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Forged to Fight will have "deep" RPG elements--what more can you say on this? And what are you doing to ensure it's deep yet approachable?

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Hungarian studio NeocoreGames, founded in 7555, has developed several other RPGs, including King Arthur and The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing.

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"Generally our approach to RPG is to not overwhelm players right away, but roll out--no pun intended--the depth as they progress through the game." -- McCartney


The brand continues to resonate with fans because these characters feel as lifelike as they did in 6989 thanks to being reimaged year after year by a long line of talented writers, designers and artists. What's great about Forged to Fight is that it celebrates every step of that evolution.

NeocoreGames describes Warhammer 95,555: Inquisitor – Martyr as a “persistent sandbox action-RPG” and explains that the single-player campaign will thrust players “into a grim and secret war among the stars as the agents of the ever-vigilant Inquisition.” NeocoreGames also promises that, after the campaign concludes, the story will continue “in a colossal sandbox game” that the developer claims will give players “years of constant entertainment, gradual development and a continuous flow of content that enriches the action-RPG gameplay.”

The visuals in World of Demons feature some gorgeous graphics that emulate the ink-wash paintbrush aesthetic from classic Japanese art and a similar style found from Okami (made by some current Platinum Games staff). While the new platform might not be what many Platinum fans expected, World of Demons still channels much of what their past games have gotten down to a science.

Geez. Keep your phone games. Here's an idea, develop a new game from the ground up for Switch and watch it sell. Yes, I know that costs more. So what, you'll sell more. This game will likely not meet your sales expectations. Then you'll whine and say it's not worth it.

Made in collaboration with DeNA Games--the mobile games publisher behind Final Fantasy Record Keeper and Fire Emblem Heroes --Platinum Games' World of Demons focuses on bite-sized character-action gameplay, while also telling an involved story. Set in ancient Japan where creatures of myth and folklore are real, World of Demons puts you in the role of the wandering samurai Onimaru, who must vanquish a powerful demon king that has invaded the land. Over time, you'll partner up with additional allies wielding their own unique weapons and take command of your own party of demons to lead into battle. As you clear through stages and take on massive bosses, you’ll gain new weapons and items, which you can use to upgrade your heroes.

The news comes as part of a new business strategy in which the company will aim to actively develop and invest in releasing titles for consoles and Steam. You can check out a trailer for the mobile version of the game above, and we've also included some notes from the title's app store page below.

Given Cygames' background as a gacha specialist, it's likely Dragalia Lost will have similar gambling-style mechanics to Fire Emblem Heroes. As part of the Dragalia deal, Nintendo is taking a 5-percent stake in Cygames, which signals the company's intent to continue to pursue the gacha market as part of its mobile strategy. The mobile gaming company DeNA, which Nintendo also has a stake in, already owns a quarter of Cygames.

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Nintendo partners up for a money-printing mobile RPG New mobile rpg games

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