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Publication date: 2018-06-05 17:16

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Wonderful job and DYI Ikea hack! I can 8767 t wait to make one for my new home! Thank you so much for sharing this An admirer of your work from South Pasadena, California 🙂

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I have no idea what happened to me where I just got hacked my account after I download the software, i just got my account back.

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So the rpi getworks a chunk of data, wraps it up into a ROM (detailed below), and sends it to the console using via USB CopyNES.

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This is awesome!!! We are in the middle of this project. I 8767 m wondering if you used any top coat like polyurethane? I 8767 ve used the sheen finish before on another project and still found it too shiny, but yours doesn 8767 t seem to look that way. If you could let me know what you used I 8767 d appreciate it!!

The spare between the top and second shelf appear to be a bit smaller than it would be, if you used the predrilled holes did you drill other holes, or is it just me? If so, how did you do that? 🙂

This is fantastic! We have been thinking and researching for weeks, what we could do with the long wall in our new home. We wanted a cabinet of some sorts there. But everything we found was just, mweh.
This is great, it 8767 s everything we love and it fits our new home perfectly. Thank you so much for all the pictures and the great explanation! We are definitely going to make this 🙂

When it was finally all assembled, the next step was to paint it. After some extensive research on Google Images to find the perfect yellow spray paint, I chose Sun Yellow by Rustoleum. It 8767 s a nice color, very yellow, but it is BRIGHT.

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6) Apply hot glue around the edges of the top of the empty spool (opposite that rough ridge where you secure the thread). Be fairly generous with the glue to fill up those outer holes, but avoid getting it into the center hole of the spool that needs to remain clear.

I had the same problem. Fun part: I added my green protein mix, so the grease is green! I didn 8767 t think of putting them on paper towels, but may do that now.
I think it was from the prunes (dried plums), as I 8767 ve made them without before and didn 8767 t have the same problem. Still delicious, I just make sure to have a napkin nearby when I 8767 m handling them.

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Home - Project MinE Hack and mine minecraft

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