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Video: Blue whale - Facts and information - Whale and Dolphin

Publication date: 2018-06-02 17:16

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Video: Blue whale - Facts and information - Whale and Dolphin Video

Once the blue whale reaches its mating grounds it will spend the next several months socializing, mating and giving birth to live offspring before beginning its long This clip comes from the BBC series The Blue Planet which I can’t recommend enough for any armchair naturalist. In the opening scene, we are introduced to “the big blue whale song, big blue whale nicola davies, big blue whale rt 66, big blue whale book, big blue whale toys, big blue whale dance, big blue whale houston heights, big blue whale fish live video, big blue whale youtube, big blue whale screenshot, big blue whale air, big blue whale lyrics, big blue whale pics, big blue whale vector, big blue whale clip art, big blue whale baby bum, big blue whale cuts, big blue whale kids song, big blue whale by nicola davies, big blue whale youtube game