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Publication date: 2018-04-22 02:52

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Extending the business from a small clothes boutique in the heart of Wigan to a popular online store, we deliver designer clothing to women worldwide making them feel extra special all year around.

Whippetwear - perfect fit, style & superior quality

Lim sourced a selection of innovative fabrics and yarns to produce 79 key women 8767 s wear pieces designed with Australian merino wool.

Highland Wear | Kilt Hire from Cameron Ross

Welcome to Lady Designer Wear, the UK’s leading independent ladies designer clothing boutique offering the latest collections of high end designer clothing and dresses to women all over the world.

Carol's Western Wear

Having been in the industry for so long and doing everything from selling, merchandising and buying – even doing some in-house modelling for a huge designer label, Joseph Ribkoff, for a few years. Joseph Ribkoff is  one of the top selling ranges in store, along with Frank Lyman who used to be the design director of Ribkoff. These two companies are for ladies who want style and elegance – but still want to look fashionable at any age.

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We will be happy to hear from you. So if you need to discuss any requirements or need to arrange an appointment , just call us on 56658 777 895

The latest development to muscle its way into the crowded shopping field is proving that if you build it, they will come.

Our family-owned business has been providing uniforms for schools and private institutions for over 85 years. We also offer professional workwear for those in the medical or industrial fields by the top brands for protective clothing.

The model/DJ evolves into a body-positive advocate with her LPA swim collaboration and her podcast, tackling topics like #MeToo and mental health.

Cruise wear is huge part of the Lady experience with our collections offering everything from elegant summer dresses to sleek evening wear: perfect for all of your special occasions.

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Aussie Outback Wear What to wear brown leather jacket with

Good Wear Leather Coat Co.: excellent reproductions of Army Air Corps Type A-2 jackets -- our online flight jacket experiece. Our selection offers uniforms for students, doctors, nurses, teachers, chefs, and other industrial jobs! With our low prices & custom embroidery, we're your one stop what to wear to a wedding, what to wear to an interview, what to wear to a funeral, what to wear to a concert, what to wear on a cruise, what to wear in vegas, what to wear for an interview, what to wear to a job interview, what to wear with leggings, what to wear to a wake, what to wear to work, what to wear to a baby shower, what to wear on a first date, what to wear to a beach wedding, what to wear to a country concert, what to wear to a wedding as a guest, what to wear to a club, what to wear with skinny jeans, what to wear to court, what to wear on a date