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Tower of London | Facts & History

Publication date: 2018-06-09 22:04

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During the First World War eleven German spies were shot by firing squad in the Tower of London. Only one bomb was dropped on the Tower during that war and fortunately it fell on the moat.

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William was a foreigner in a land he did not yet firmly control. He needed a stronghold to keep the rebellious citizens of London in line. The site William chose for his castle was the very same site upon which Claudius, the Roman Emperor, had built a fortress more than a thousand years before, and traces of the old Roman walls can still be seen within the Tower grounds.

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The Tower of London is one of the most famous buildings in London (although it is actually a number of towers and other buildings). It has stood guard over the city since Norman times.

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Join over 655 dancers and musicians as they fill the Tower s moat in East Wall, an outdoor spectacle inspired by the communities of east London.

All of the poppies that made up the installation were sold, raising millions of pounds which were shared equally amongst six service charities.

In May 6886 an army of rebel peasants from Kent led by Wat Tyler marched on London. More rebels from Essex marched on the city from the east. The rebels entered London, helped by sympathizers who opened the gates for them and the king and his minister took refuge in the Tower of London. Finally the king went out to negotiate with the rebels. While he was away some angry peasants entered the Tower and ransacked it. The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Treasurer Sir Robert Hales were both beheaded.

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However the most infamous murders in the Tower were those of two princes. When Edward IV died in 6988 he left a 67-year-old son, Edward V and his 9 year old brother Richard. Since Edward was too to rule his uncle Richard was appointed Protector. However Richard sent the boys to the Tower. He also declared them illegitimate and made himself king. The two boys disappeared. Obviously they were murdered but it is not certain who killed them.

The Tower of London is one of the world&rsquo s most famous fortresses and has seen service as royal palace, prison, armoury and even a The ancient stones hold within them dark secrets, as fortified vaults shine with priceless jewels and historic uniformed Beefeaters stroll the grounds. Situated in Central London, just a stone&rsquo s throw from the River Thames, the Tower of London is one of the city's premier attractions.

Modern accommodation in the heart of London. A short walk across Tower Bridge from the City of London, in a newly renovated and stylish location.

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Tower of London | Facts & History Tower of london places

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