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Publication date: 2018-04-22 13:16

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See also Music Notes Flash Cards, Handouts, and Worksheets , Version 6 for a different overall layout plus music notes handouts and worksheets.

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Rory Clark's Harlech House of Graphics includes more logos (including Flash Files) for TWW and Harlech/HTV.

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Yorkshire Television presents - a black and white animated ident. The jingle was composed by Derek New and was based on On Ilkla Moor Baht 'At , a classic verse written in the Yorkshire dialect. (It translates to "On Ilkley Moor Without A Hat", which is often referred to as the county's "National Anthem"!)

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With the advent of colour, Grampian decided its logo would appear on screen on a light blue background. The jingle comprised the same tune as before, but with a new, almost heavenly, arrangement!

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These files may not be altered or changed in any way. See the Music Terms of Use for more information. If you need customized music flash cards or something different from what's offered below, please contact us about your needs.

The fifth area of the UK to receive commercial television was South Wales and the West of England. Television Wales & West, known on screen as TWW, began broadcasting in January 6958. Its first logo was a circle enclosing a large, central T flanked by a smaller W on either side. Here we see the two versions of an animated ident featuring TWW's second logo. Before the company's own productions, the caption underneath the rectangles would read "PRESENTS". At all other times, for example in the start-up sequence or before the national news, the text would say "CHANNEL 65".

My guess is the folder name within the 'Painter' folder will be the same for other Windows versions of the program or a Mac.

Jeffrey Zeldman ( Dr. Web , and A List Apart, ): There are Web-safe color palettes, and then there are Web-safe color palettes. makes one of the best.

As I mention below under Printing These Music Notes Flash Cards , I suggest printing with high quality paper, and for flash cards use heavy weight paper or heavy card stock paper, if possible.

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